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Join us at the APAC Forum

We’re happy to invite you to join us for a powerful half-day virtual event — created especially for LeadingRE members, as well as others interested in understanding trends and opportunities in APAC’s dynamic real estate markets.

Hear from experts on why the APAC region is globally recognized as a hub of innovation, economic strength and sustainable development — with lessons you can apply in your own business.

Explore the latest in PropTech, luxury market trends and commercial real estate.

Learn how “citizenship by investment” programs are motivating buyers to diversify their property portfolios.

Discover new ways LeadingRE supports your strength, success and independence.

The event is free; please register to reserve your complimentary seat. We look forward to coming together to share timely, targeted information — as we look further ahead to the 2022 APAC Forum, when we will once again meet in person.


The APAC Forum will be held April 22 in two 105-minute general sessions with a break in-between. Two separate broadcasts will be offered to accommodate different time zones. Please see below for start times and plan your participation accordingly. Note that the agenda is subject to change, and the final agenda will be posted by April 15.

General Session 1 starts:

First Broadcast: 14:00 Singapore / 18:00 Auckland / 8:00 Berlin

Second Broadcast: 1:00pm ET / 12:00pm CT / 11:00am MT / 10:00am PT / 7:00am Hawaii

General Session 2 starts:

First Broadcast: 16:00 Singapore / 20:00 Auckland / 10:00 Berlin

Second Broadcast: 3:00pm ET / 2:00pm CT / 1:00pm MT / 12:00pm PT / 9:00am Hawaii

General Session 1
Presentation 1
Welcome and Overview
Chris Dietz - Executive Vice President, Global Operations, LeadingRE
We will kick-off the APAC Forum with a recap of the past year, hearing about new member expansion, the development of the LeadingRE team and hear stories about the strength and perseverance in our network – before turning to exciting opportunities ahead.
Presentation 2
Global and Regional Economic Update
Dr. Marci Rossell - Chief Economist, LeadingRE
LeadingRE Chief Economist Dr. Marci Rossell provides a high-level global economic outlook before diving into regional trends for APAC countries.
Presentation 3
Growth in the APAC Region
Dustin Daugherty - Head of North America Business Development, Dezan Shira & Associates
Get an inside look at the economic growth in the ASEAN region and identify the opportunities and challenges in the 15-nation Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership.
Presentation 4
Destinations: Opportunities in Development Marketing
Simon Bacon - Executive Director, New Homes & Condominiums, Michael Saunders & Company
Simon Chester - Director, Channel Sales & Strategic Partnerships, Geocon Group
James Puddle - Managing Director/Founder, One Global Property Services
James O’Brien - Sales & Investment Consultant, IRG International Realty Group Ltd.
Facilitator: Parikshat Chawla - Director and Global Head of Development Marketing, LeadingRE
Hear from top developers and master agents on ways to grow business by tapping into the demand for new developments in prime destinations worldwide.
Presentation 5
Trends in Commercial Real Estate
Jeremy Hurst - Broker/Owner, IRG International Realty Group
Judith Schreyer - CEO, Apartments and Investment Properties, AGBF
John Urlich - Sales and Leasing Manager, Barfoot & Thompson
Facilitator: Jojo Romarx Salas - Director, Global Research and Business Development (APAC), LeadingRE
Gain insights on the commercial market and learn the latest on how LeadingRE is fostering growth in the commercial arena.
Presentation 6
Keynote Address: The Power of Human Connection
Simone Heng - Keynote Speaker
Hear from renowned human connection speaker Simone Heng, who specializes in inspiring people to connect in a world thirsty for connection. By exploring the intersection between a lack of human connection and mental health issues, Simone shares a message on the importance of communication in a way that will have a positive impact on your business and personal life.
General Session 2
Presentation 7
How LeadingRE Supports Your Independence, Strength and Success
Paul Boomsma - President/CEO, LeadingRE
Learn how to utilize LeadingRE resources for your maximum benefit, as you hear from LeadingRE President/CEO Paul Boomsma on new and popular network offerings. Paul will also provide commentary on the ever-evolving industry landscape.
Presentation 8
State of Luxury Real Estate
Mickey Alam Khan - President, Luxury Portfolio International
Liv Baggen - Director, Global Luxury Market Expansion, LeadingRE
Luxury Portfolio International President Mickey Alam Khan and LeadingRE Director, Global Luxury Market Expansion Liv Baggen discuss trends in the luxury market within the APAC region, including insights from LPI's recent State of Luxury Real Estate Report. Hear about what is driving the real estate market and explore interesting trends relating to affluent Asian consumers and the retail experience.
Presentation 9
PropTech: What’s Here to Stay and What’s Going Away?
Jamie Arthur - Founder & CEO, Property Webmasters
Charlotte Guigli - International Sales Director, Apiwork
Carlos Matias - Founder, PropTech Solutions Inc.
Facilitator: Jeff Kennedy - Vice President, Sales/Partnerships, LeadingRE
Learn what top technology providers have to say about the latest innovations on the market today – and what is on the horizon.
Presentation 10
The China Opportunity: Building Trust, Building Sales
Sally Maier-Yip - Founder & Managing Director, 11K Consulting
Trust matters. Hugely. Having strong company branding and a trusted image will help you win the hearts of your customers and ultimately drive sales. According to Edelman Trust Barometer 2020, 69% of Chinese consumers agree that “trust is more important today than in the past”. Almost 9 in 10 people said they have started using a new brand because of the innovative or compassionate way they have responded to the pandemic. In this presentation, you will learn effective tips on building your brand reputation and long-term trust in the China market and lessons learnt from Good PR and Bad PR campaigns in China.
Presentation 11
10 Tips for Marketing to Affluent Chinese Consumers
Dr. Hong Zheng - Founder & Director, Adventi Group
Learn about the purchasing power, consumption behaviors, and psychographic characteristics of Chinese high-net-worth individuals. Get 10 tips for marketing to these luxury consumers effectively, by using social and community engagement, celebrity and idols, and both nostalgic and emotional appeal. Hear about the importance of interactivity and sustainability for the new Chinese elites, and explore ways to create content that resonates.
Presentation 12
Citizenship by Investment
Nuri Katz - Founder, Apex Capital Partners
Facilitator: Jessica Edgerton - Executive Vice President of Operations | Corporate Counsel
A leading immigration expert explores how visa and migration schemes across Europe, Australia and beyond create new sources of business.
Presentation 13
Sustainability in Real Estate
Michelle Tuason - Senior Sales Director, Arthaland Corporation
Hear from renowned sustainability experts on the latest in green building and living. And, enjoy a virtual property tour on a visionary development that puts sustainability first.


The APAC Forum offers insights from an accomplished group of speakers from within the APAC region and beyond.

Portfolio Item

Simone Heng

Human Connection Specialist
Keynote Speaker
Portfolio Item

Nuri Katz

Apex Capital Partners
Portfolio Item

Sally Maier-Yip

Founder and MD
11K Consulting
Portfolio Item

Patrick MacPherson

Interior Aesthetics Consultant
Huni Architectes
Portfolio Item

Dr. Marci Rossell

Chief Economist
Portfolio Item

Dr. Hong Zheng

Founder & Director
Adventi Group
Portfolio Item

Jamie Arthur

Founder & CEO
Property Webmasters
Portfolio Item

Simon Bacon

Executive Director, New Homes & Condominiums, Michael Saunders & Co.
Portfolio Item

Simon Chester

Director, Channel Sales & Partnerships
Portfolio Item

Dustin Daugherty

Head of North America Business Development, Dezan Shira & Assoc.
Portfolio Item

Jeremy Hurst

IRG International Realty Group
Portfolio Item

Charlotte Guigli

International Sales Director
Portfolio Item

Carlos Matias

PropTech Solutions Inc.
Portfolio Item

James O’Brien

Sales & Investment Consultant
IRG International Realty Group
Portfolio Item

James Puddle

Founder/Managing Director
One Global Property Services
Portfolio Item

Judith Schreyer

CEO, Apartments and Investment Properties , AGBF
Portfolio Item

Michelle Tuason

Senior Sales Director
Arthaland Corporation
Portfolio Item

John Urlich

Sales and Leasing Manager
Barfoot & Thompson
Portfolio Item

Paul Boomsma

Portfolio Item

Chris Dietz

Executive Vice President, Global Operations, LeadingRE
Portfolio Item

Mickey Alam Khan

Luxury Portfolio International
Portfolio Item

Jessica Edgerton

Executive Vice President, Operations | Corporate Counsel
Portfolio Item

Liv Baggen

Director, Global Luxury Market Expansion
Portfolio Item

Parikshat Chawla

Director and Global Head of Development Marketing
Portfolio Item

Jojo Romarx Salas

Director, Global Research and Business Development (APAC)
Portfolio Item

Jeff Kennedy

Vice President, Sales/Partnerships


The event is free for LeadingRE members and select guests, but registration is required. LeadingRE members, please click the link below to register. If you are not a LeadingRE member and are interested in attending, please email events@LeadingRE.com.



Please contact us if you have any questions about the LeadingRE APAC Forum: events@LeadingRE.com.


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